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Sommer Anlagentechnik GmbH

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About us

The concept, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of production equipment in the manufacture of prefabricated reinforced concrete products.

Our technologies and investment programs are the worldwide basis for economical, flexible and rapid manufacturing of
residential buildings and industrial buildings.

Our range of activities is divided into the following areas:

  • Conveyor lines with pallets circulation for the manufacture of floor elements, double as well as massive walls and
    sandwich panels

  • Universal formwork robot

All equipment and components of the lines can be supplied with different capacities. The degree of automation of lines can be implemented in modules.

We design, build and supply factories, taking into account the requirements of the customer, the choice of the construction system, the necessary productivity and the cost of material and personnel in place.

Products and services

Our business is split into the following areas:

  • Stationary production on lines, folding pallets and tilting tables

  • Pallet circulation plants for the production of slabs, double and massive walls in normal and light concrete

  • Field factories for the production of elements on the construction site

  • Shuttle Processing Plant (SPP)

  • Multi-Function-Shuttering-Robot (MFSR)

  • Insulation-Process-Application-Robot (IPAR)

  • Fully automated production of multi-layer concrete elements (JFI Method)

  • Shuttering for special purpose elements, such as variable rectangular shutterings, garage shutterings, transformer stations and moulds for rooms

  • Shuttering for skeleton structures, such as moulds for columns, moulds for girders and moulds for TT-elements
  • Transport and handling systems

  • Accessories, such as shuttering and magnetic systems

  • Control systems

  • Special machines according to customer's requirements


The functioning principle of the MFSR combined performs all necessary demoulding and shuttering functions of a pallet circulation plant. This solution is designed for plants with a performance of up to 100 m2 / hour. This compact design enables installation in existing plants also and is an alternative investment for plotter, cleaning, plotting and oiling machines.

Pallet Circulation Plant

Pallet Circulation Plant

For the production of element ceilings, double walls, solid walls and sandwich walls from standard and light-weight concrete are in use all over the world to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Performances of 200 up to 3000m² can be realized.This production method enables a production process which can be controlled the whole way from the CAD system to the construction site.
The automation degree of the plants can be adapted with regards to the aimed capacity and the local conditions.



Production plant for wall elements with shuttle tilting
and processing machines. This invention enables the
combination of the advantages of carousel-system and
stationary tilting tables and thus a substantially
improved economic efficiency and flexibility. The plant
concept can be used in a production hall or outside.


Sommer Anlagentechnik GmbH
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Volker Erhart
Phone: +49 173 7137761

Sommer Ltd.
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